Private Cloud Solutions - Our datacentre
Public cloud not for you?  Chelmer IT can offer private cloud solutions hosted within our infrastructure in a dedicated data center offering the following resilience.

Diverse 1Gb Fibre Links

N+1 UPS Protection

16Amp (A & B) Power to Each Cabinet

N+1 Emmerson Compression Downflow A/C Units

24 Hour Monitored & Recorded CCTV

Leak and Gas Suppression Systems

Hosted Servers
Why pay for the maintenance of a server room, including the hardware and power requirements, when hosted servers can allow you to spend your time, money and space on your core business needs? Increasing broadband speeds mean that buying your own servers and keeping them on-site is now a thing of the past for many SMBs.

Reliability And Redundancy
By using hosted servers, all data is secured through five layers (data, application, host, network and physical) on servers with enterprise-grade reliability across globally redundant data centers. Continuous data back-ups and disaster recovery capabilities ensure data is safe, secure, and constantly accessible – with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Mobile Access
Cloud based data storage means data is accessible from multiple offices, employee homes and even abroad, via desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Email, calendar and contacts are constantly kept in sync across desktop and mobile devices, and mobile phones can be securely remotely wiped if lost or stolen.

Save On Money And Space
Hosted servers negate the need to buy expensive hardware, as well as saving the space needed for server racks, power supplies and other large and expensive apparatus. Plus, as all pricing is based ‘per user’ you don’t have to pay extra for resources you don’t need. Instead of having to constantly pay up front costs for technology that you may need in the future, hosted server costs only grow if your business is growing.

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